Pam Siow loved marketing from her university days. Her entrepreneurial streak has spurred her to launch several companies over the years.

Her first company was an online business. She built the largest online music connector agency in Singapore. Subsequently, she systemized the business and took a 3 months holiday in Spain. During this trip, she realized that she wanted to embark on a corporate entity as her next life challenge. She returned to Singapore and launched her coaching business. With a massive fear of public speaking and no experience in building a brick and mortar business, she had the odds against her.

After overcoming her fear of public speaking, her company started to emerge as one of the fastest growing internet marketing companies. With one of the highest success rates among the industry, Internet Biz Owners Club has earned multi-millions within two years, helping thousands of aspiring and experienced business owners succeed by simplifying and de-mystifying online marketing into a simple and proven step by step system. She has also launched the Millionaire Protege Inner Circle which is a one year program helping new and established business owners build their successful business with business skills, offline and online marketing strategies.

After being a speaker for several years (and working with 2,000 students), she wanted to take a step back in business into the corporate space and work with corporates to execute unique marketing campaigns.

Pam has been interviewed by media in both Singapore and Malaysia for her business and internet marketing acumen. She contributes articles regularly to Star Papers, Straits Times, SME Magazines. Because of her recognition in the industry, she has been nominated as one of the finalists of the “Women of the Year 2013” by Simply Her, one of the Prestige Power “40 under 40” list and  won an international Business Award – “Silver Stevie Award”.

Our Team

We are an international company because we work with the best talents worldwide and leverage our international perspectives on marketing campaigns. We also help our clients market regionally and has partner companies based there to execute ground activities. We recruit hungry people who love marketing with a passion and love breaking the conventional rules.

Pam During Her Quiet Moments

Pam is also a passionate animal lover and charity fundraiser. Since young, she has done fundraising for charities like SPCA and Action For Singapore Dogs. She also helped ACRES raise $35,000 in 2007 to build their animal rescue center. She is also a vegan, preferring not to participate in animal cruelty through food.

Tv Feature


Pam interviewed by fellow
Internet Marketer, Alvin Phang

Alvin Phang interviewed Pam to learn tips and insights about marketing a product online.


Pam Siow, CEO of Internet Biz Owners
Club gets Interviewed on Bella TV

Pam Siow was featured on Bella TV, hosted by Vanessa Chong. During the interview, Pam shared tips on how women can overcome the odds to succeed in the business that they love and enjoy.


Pam Siow’s Interview on
Bernama Today, Bernama TV

Pam Siow, CEO of Internet Biz Owners Club featured on Bernama Today, Bernama TV. An eleven minutes interview hosted by Gerard Ratnam about the story of an ordinary girl who was once using laptop only for Facebook and email is now transformed to be a millionaire through internet in 2 years time.


Capital TV Interview Angels, Morning
Bell Pam Siow, Internet Biz Founder

Pam was interviewed by Capital TV Interview Angels by Raj Aria and Joanne Kwan on 18th Jan 2013. She shared her journey and insight on becoming a millionaire entrepreneur within 4 years after accumulating a 14,000 debt at 28 years old. Also, watch her sharing the benefits and issues of online business.


Channel News Asia, How I Made
My First Million Series, Pam Siow

Giving the gift that keeps on giving – why are more people giving investment products as traditional festive gifts? And, meet Pam Siow in our How I Made My First Million series – find out how she overcame credit card debt and became a self-made millionaire.

Newspaper Contributions


Straits Times, Oct 2012
From Card Debt To Online Sucess


Straits Times, Oct 2012
The World is Your Office


The Sunday Time, 10th March 2013 Huge
Credit Card Debt ‘A Blessing in Disguise’


Business Times,13 Feb 2013, Getting an Internet coach for your Business


Focus Malaysia,
2nd to 8th March 2013

The Star Malaysia – Newspaper

SME Magazine

Radio Interview


Oct 17th – Capital FM 88.9,
Woman – The New Capital

Giving the gift that keeps on giving – why are more people giving investment products as traditional festive gifts? And, meet Pam Siow in our How I Made My First Million series – find out how she overcame credit card debt and became a self-made millionaire.


Jan 2nd 13 – Kiss FM 92,
All The Great Songs In One Place

Pam was interviewed by Kiss FM 92 on the programme “Maddy, Jason & Arnold in the Morning” on 2nd Jan 2013. She shared her story on becoming a millionaire entrepreneur from a 14,000 debt at 28 years old. And the critical tips and steps of internet marketing and website creation.

2nd August 2011 – BFM 89.9 Interview – 3 Part series Click on the pictures to listen to Pam’s Radio Interview



July 24th –
93.8 Live FM

Pam Siow shared with Eugene Loh on “The Slice Of Life” on how she used the internet business to pay off her credit card debt and build a business that she truly loves.

The Star

Prestige Singapore

Asia One


Take Your Business Online


Pam Siow Internet Marketing Business


How to look line an expert in your industry



I have read so much about this inspiring and enterprising individual, Pam Siow. The founder and owner of Internet Biz Owners Club, I have seen her ads a couple of times in the paper and although I have yet to see her in action before, how she first started …
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